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Katie Hoffman

Katie Hoffman, CMBB, CSMC is the Founder and President of Ritemind Stress Less Workshops a
company dedicated to providing Stress Intelligence training to individuals and organizations. Katie is
Board Certified in Mind-Body Bridging; a therapy model for working with PTSD out of Salt Lake City,
Utah. She is a Certified Stress Management Coach and a DISC Certified Behavioral Analysist. Katie is a
Mindfulness practitioner of over 25 years.

She has been an entrepreneur of various enterprises beginning at the age of 20.
So then, how did she get to be the Founder and President of StressLess Workshops? Interestingly
enough, it was her own life experiences that helped her create the Stress Intelligence webinar program that is experienced all over the country today.

With her lifetime of experience, board certified training, and passion in delivering her product, Katie has found her life’s work in helping others find the freedom that living with managed stress can create. If there is one thing Katie would like for you to know, is that her StressLess work fills a need for everyone.