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Joe Harrison

Virtuojo | GRIT | EA
Dayton, Ohio

Being a third generation “preneur”, it’s always been my passion to create something bigger than myself while impacting and connecting the community around me. In the beginning of 2015, I decided to take my passion and turn it into a reality by building a brand. My company, Virtuojo, is a culture-creating factory masked as a Digital Marketing Agency. As Founder, it’s crucial for me to create an atmosphere full of purpose, creativity, and transparency, which I believe to be the building block of relationships. Our goal is to help companies find their voice, and to help them create value that’ll establish a lasting relationship with their customer. We especially love to work with non-profits to help them make a serious impact, and to drive their mission further than ever thought possible.

Since launching Virtuojo, we've teamed up with 3 other entities to create a non-profit co-working space called Nucleus Co-Share, which has become the creative hub of Dayton, OH. What started as a co-share and has since evolved into one of the largest entrepreneurial movements in Dayton— taking our local economic ecosystem to new heights.